Geomatic products

3D models obtained using different geomatic techniques provide us accurate geometric information with great potential in the automation of evaluation process.


Thermography is a noninvasive technique that allows us to accurately determine the temperature of an element without direct contact. The technique is based on the study of the electromagnetic spectrum infrared radiation received by the sensor.

3D models with thermographic information

Hybridization of 3D models and thermographic information provides us with a valid product for the discretization and measurement of characteristic elements of the study area as humidity, presence of fungi, location of materials, etc... From a quantitative point of view, thermography allows us to perform studies to identify the physical properties of materials.


Photogrammetric 3D model with thermographic texture (UAV)

Photogrammetric 3D model with hermographic texture taken from an unmanned aerial platform for energy assessment of a building.

Photogrammetric 3D model with thermographic texture (Aerial trike)

Photogrammetric 3D model with thermographic texture taken from a bird's eye view with a manned aerial trike for energy evaluation of "Smart Cities" (ENSMART project)

Laser scanner 3D model with thermographic texture (Indoor mapping)

3D model with thermographic texture captured using an indoor laser scanning system for the detection and evaluation of the energetic impact of pathologies in buildings envelopes
Indoor and Built Environment

Automatic location of solar panels for "Smart Cities"

The geometry represented by 3D model and the qualitative and quantitative thermographic information of roof surfaces allows us to automate the detection of optimal zones for the installation of solar panels.
3D-ARCH Congress (ISPRS) - Remote Sensing