Active sensors

Sensors capable of capturing geometric information regardless of lighting conditions of the environment where they work. They are based on the emission of a beam towards the surface to be evaluated. Distance between the object to be measured and the equipment is obtained by studying the beam flight time or the phase difference between the emitted and received signal.

Photogrammetry and computer vision

3D reconstruction techniques from 2D images. The technique is based on automatic detection of homologous entities between images of the same object taken from different viewpoints.The process involves the use of computer vision techniques to identify homologous points, photogrammetric techniques for the relative orientation of each image in space and densification of the final result through SfM (Structure from Motion) algorithms.

Sensors hybridization

Hybridization between 3D models generated using active sensors or digital processing of images and data from other sensors capable of adding a new dimension to 3D models provide us products with great potential in all fields of engineering.



Photogrammetry using unmanned aerial platforms

High-precision sensors

Optical triangulation sensors that achieve micrometric precisions

Multispectral sensors

Sensors able to capture different electromagnetic radiation spectra within and outside the visible range for the human eye.

Remote sensing

Remote sensing processes through images from satellital platforms.